Sand Flies At So Cal Sand Drag Association Summer Showdown

The Southern California Sand Drag Association Summer Showdown had plenty of sand-slinging action.

The action returned to Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park for the Summer Showdown, Southern California Sand Drag Association event from June 9th to 11th. The event brought out racers and fans alike to the new home of the Southern California Sand Drag Association.

"The Southern California Sand Drag Association Summer Showdown was an action-packed weekend of tight racing, with competitors going all out to secure the win," Caleb Mings of the Southern California Sand Drag Association said. "We witnessed great battles between family members competing in the same classes, as well as new racers making their debut on the 300-foot track."

"Our fans were awesome, lining the fence throughout the entire weekend, eagerly watching the thrilling wheelstands and sand-slinging action. We can't wait to enhance and refine this new facility with each upcoming event."

Flying down the track at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park.

We were out at the event checking out the cars flying down the track at a blistering pace. This was a great event to get the family out to and see some one-of-a-kind vehicles and some that you may see out in Glamis, running down the 300-foot track.

From dragsters to Jeeps with paddle tires, the event allowed you to see everything in one spot. Unlike traditional pavement drags, there are no long oil downs or clean-ups, and the event moved along with each class battling against each other.

"Southern California Sand Drag Association events showcase the most unique mix of vehicles seen in any racing form," Mings said. "They not only provide the opportunity to witness the fastest accelerating sand vehicles on the planet running the 300-foot stretch but also offer classes for almost any vehicle to compete in various age groups."

We have lift off!

"It's a very family-friendly sport and an economical way for both spectators and racers to enjoy the action. The new facility at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park has evolved into a world-class surface and has already set world records on the track.'

We had a great time at the event and look forward to returning to the track to catch some more sand drag action. Check out all the weekend's winners below:

Friday 6/9/23

Friday Motorcycle Gambler 
1st Randy Mings 
2nd Marcus Riedel

Friday Pro Gambler
1st Bob Cambridge 
2nd Ron Hess

3.95 Index
1st Joe Simeone
2nd Tim Gilmore  

Tyler Hanrahan was Motorcycle Sport 1 winner on Saturday.

Saturday 6/10/23

Sport 1
1st Ron Huff
2nd Rhys McKeehan

Sport 2
1st Tommy Crail
2nd Robin Costello

Motorcycle Sport 1
1st Tyler Hanrahan
2nd Jayden Peña

Motorcycle Sport 2
1st Randy Mings 
2nd Chris Schmidt

Saturday Pro Gambler
1st Chris Adamson
2nd Blake Adamson

Saturday Motorcycle Gambler
1st Caleb Mings 
2nd Tyler Hanrahan  

Ron Huff was Saturday's Sport 1 winner.

Sunday 6/11/23

Top Alcohol 
1st Jim Hammond

Pro Mod Unlimited 
1st Jimmy DePasse
2nd Chris Minor

Top Eliminator  
1st Jim Naffziger
2nd Jimmy DePasse

1st Greg Johnson
2nd Art Cronin

Pro 1
1st Tracy Malan
2nd AJ Gazzeny

Pro 2
1st Chris Adamson
2nd Mike Brock

Terry Crawford gives a thumbs-up before heading to the starting line.

Pro 3
1st Chris Adamson
2nd Blake Adamson

Motorcycle Pro 1
1st Brad Olson
2nd Tyler Hanrahan

Motorcycle Pro 2
1st Caleb Mings
2nd Randy Mings

Junior Dragster  
1st Aubrey Foshee
2nd Audrey Kissell

1st Maddox Peña
2nd Dominic Peña

Pee Wee
1st Aubrey Peña

The season finale of the Southern California Sand Drag Association takes place from September 29th to October 1st at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park. For more information on the Southern California Sand Drag Association events, be sure to check out the full schedule on their website.