Side-By-Side Speed Records Broken At Record Reset
Record Reset brought out the fastest side-by-sides in the country.

Everyone claims they have the fastest side-by-side until they get out in front of a clock. Record Reset’s event that took place last weekend put an end to the confusion and let vehicle builders put down some fast numbers. With bragging rights up in the air, plenty of records were broken at this year’s event.

“The idea for Record Reset came when we at The Sand Outlaw Series started going after the World Sand Drag News records,” Marc Pomeroy of Record Reset explained. “We set a few records at our event in Saint Anthony, Idaho, and all the records got challenged since we are a traveling competition. The accuracy of our track equipment and the size of the turbos we allow came into question.”

“Through all the back and forth to get the records to stick, I thought the best solution was to get all the fastest cars and the best builders together at one event on a certified track. It would allow them to go head to head on the same day with the same conditions and see who is truly the fastest in the world.”

The drivers being prepped before the events races went down.

This year’s event brought out 58 entries, with 36 entered into record-setting classes, while 22 general entries participated in the general test and tune, and bracket classes. Classes range from stock turbo to unlimited turbo. Here is a breakdown of some of the classes:

  • S UTV is a Stock turbo stock type suspension and pump gas, race gas, or e85.  No nitromethane single power adder max 1000cc motor
  • E UTV is 43mm for 3 or 4-cylinder and 46mm for 2-cylinder motors, stock type suspension, pump, race, and e85, no nitromethane single power adder max 1000cc
  • D UTV is 46mm 3 or 4-cylinder and 50mm 2-cylinder stock type suspension, pump, race, and e85, no nitromethane single power adder max 1000cc
  • C UTV is 50mm turbo 3 or 4-cylinder and 55mm turbo 2-cylinder, stock type suspension, pump, race, and e85, no nitromethane single power adder max 1100cc; you can modify the chassis.
  • B UTV is Unlimited Turbo and must be factory motor to chassis; you can modify the chassis, no wheelie bar, no nitromethane, no billet block,
  • A UTV is Unlimited turbo; motor swaps are permitted as long as it was originally a "power sports" type motor, no automotive or industrial motors. (i.e., snowmobile, jetski, street bike, etc.) 1200cc max, no wheelie bar, and no nitromethane
  • AA UTV is unlimited turbo, unlimited motor (must be Powersports related), unlimited power adder, any fuel, and can run a wheelie bar.
Dome Valley Raceway was home for Record Reset.

To have an even playing field, it all begins with the track, and to make sure that was correctly done, Record Reset turned to have the event at Dome Valley Raceway in Wellton, Arizona, just outside of Yuma.

Dome Valley has a reputation for being one of the fastest tracks in the country with an excellent support staff,” Pomeroy said. “The location and the amenities are perfect for an event like Record Reset. The raceway is in a remote location, letting us run late into the night when the air is excellent, and it was perfect weather for an early March event. It also helps that the raceway has camping on-site.”

We were on hand watching the fastest side-by-sides head down the track at a blistering pace. It is truly impressive to see what side-by-sides have evolved into and where the market has gone.

There was plenty of dirt being slug at the event.

The advancement in the side-by-side performance market over the last five years is mindblowing,” Pomeroy said. “Just a few years ago, getting into the four-second range was an accomplishment for the unlimited turbo classes.” 

“This past weekend, we had the 43mm cars in the 3.9-second range, and D&M Racing set the AA UTV world record at 3.40 seconds, and the fastest pass was a 3.365 at 95.29 mph with a B UTV legal car. The 3.40-second run will be the official record as the rules state you must be able to back up the pass within one percent, but the 3.3 seconds are here, and at the next event, I expect the records to drop again.” 

There is something unique about the off-road community. If you have been around it long enough, you have experienced it. Everyone helps each other out, whether in the dunes or on the trail, and that philosophy also took place at Record Reset.

Final tweaks being done before the next run.

The camaraderie and support between competitors are amazing,” Pomeroy said. “When K&T damaged a car on the track, the guys from D&M brought in their spare chassis and let K&T use whatever parts they needed to get back into the competition even though they were going after the same records in the same classes. We can all compete and push the industry while supporting each other toward that common goal.”

This year’s event was one for the books, literally. With all the excitement, broken records, and scores settling, this event will be a must-attend for the fastest side-by-sides in the country. For more information on Record Reset, check them out on Facebook.