All-New Rigid X Shreddy 360-Series Lights
Rigid and Shreddy have teamed up to offer 360-Series light kits exclusively through 4 Wheel Parts.

Teased at the Sand Sports Super Show and now officially announced last weekend at Off-Road Expo, Rigid and Shreddy have teamed up to offer 360-Series light kits exclusively through 4 Wheel Parts. Not only do these kits offer Rigid's LED light performance, but they also have Shreddy's style.


Each kit comes with custom-designed Shreddy light covers in teal, pink, and black. Choose either four-inch or six-inch 360-Series lights with a drive optic. Whether you go with the teal shaka or pink Shreddy, the unique Shreddy-designed covers provide a distinctive look to any rig.

The Rigid X Shreddy lights are available in a teal or pink lens cover.

"Working with Rigid, a leading aftermarket off-road lighting company has been pretty surreal," Blake Wilkey of Shreddy said. "Being younger and looking at their products wishing I could have them on my vehicle in the early high school days to now helping them stay up to date and bringing Shreddy life into the mix makes this collab that much sweeter."


"The 360-Series lights have modern technology with the classic OG round look. For the backlight, we went with white so the pink and teal covers showcase those colors well. On full kill, the pink and teal are similar to a traditional amber where the fine dust doesn't give you a white-out effect, all while identifying these are the Rigid X Shreddy lights."

The Rigid X Shreddy light kits will come with blackout covers for daily drivers or to protect the lenses.

Rigid's optimized beam patterns project up to 8,600 raw lumens and are protected by an aluminum housing, featuring a blacked-out circuit board, along with a backlight color, and beam pattern for a customized experience and look. Rigid's 360-Series feature beam patterns available from 17 degrees to 60 degrees, offering an option for any application.


"The Rigid and Shreddy light kits will also come with black covers for daily drivers or during daytime runs to protect the lenses," Wilkey explained. "Utilizing Rigid's driving beam pattern, the lights are universal for all types of driving styles and vehicles with a smooth clean output for going fast or cruising."


Pre-orders are now open through 4 Wheel Parts with both the four-inch and six-inch 360-Series Rigid lights. For more information on Rigid or to find the right lights for your vehicle, be sure to visit their website.