Gen-Y Hitch’s 6K Pound Foldable Aluminum Ramps
Gen-Y Hitch just released a heavy-duty foldable aluminum ramp making loading a vehicle even easier.

Loading your favorite toy in the bed of the truck can be a pain, but it can be even easier with ramps. Ramps can be big and bulky, making it harder to find an easy place to put them once the vehicle is loaded. Gen-Y Hitch released a heavy-duty foldable aluminum ramp, making all those issues disappear.

These ramps are a multi-piece system for loading vehicles or wheeled equipment onto docks, trucks, or trailers. Their aluminum construction makes them lightweight and portable without sacrificing any toughness.

From flatbed trailers to loading docks, these ramps provide heavy-duty support and excellent traction due to their textured cross-patterns. This provides extra support and safety for wet and/or muddy tires.

These foldable aluminum ramps are a great solution for your loading and unloading needs. Gen-Y Hitch’s ramps fold from 8 feet to 4 feet so they can easily be stored in short-bed trucks. Each ramp has a 3,000-pound capacity, making the set support 6,000 pounds.

Gen-Y Hitch’s aluminum ramps are Made in the USA and have a limited lifetime warranty. For more information on the aluminum ramps or other Gen-Y Hitch products, be sure to visit their website.