KC Unveils Versatile Light To FLEX ERA Family
KC introduces the FLEX ERA 1, the newest and most versatile light to the FLEX ERA family.

KC unveils the newest member to the FLEX ERA Family of lights, the long-awaited KC FLEX ERA 1. Contained in a compact size of less than 2.7-inch, the FLEX ERA 1 packs major performance in a versatile package that can be used as forward-facing, side-facing, or rear-facing lighting. 

These new lights keep with the FLEX ERA Family tradition of having dual power modes. One mode is for the full, high-power output, and the other illuminates an eclipse-like amber backlight.

Setting a new industry standard, each set of FLEX EAR 1 lights comes standard as a Master Kit. Gone are the days of guessing which beam pattern is best for the application. The KC FLEX ERA 1 Master Kit bundles two lights, three beam pattern lenses, and all of the other necessities so less time is spent in the garage and more time out on the trails.

The FLEX ERA 1 is small and compact making it the perfect like for a wide range of applications.

“Tony Fadell from Apple said that design starts with noticing,” says KC CEO Alan Wang. “Our team constantly pushes our limits to notice things that have become the norm and that we have taken for granted. We challenge ourselves to iterate on the aesthetic and functional features of our products while reducing the friction people experience. The new FLEX ERA 1 is a culmination of that effort to design by noticing how we can push the boundaries.”

Customization is still at the core of every FLEX ERA 1. The machine accent bezels come standard in gold on each FLEX ERA 1 light, but KC offers richly colored bezels in red, blue, or gloss black to suit any need. The FLEX ERA 1 is the perfect companion for cruising trails and setting up camp with friends. Powerful, bright, and compact, just as the most versatile light in the FLEX ERA Family ought to be.

To find a light for your vehicle, be sure to visit KC’s website.