Motul UTV Oil Change Kits By Evolution Powersports

Evolution Powersports (EVP) has a long history using Motul lubrication products and now offers oil change kits for a wide range of side-by-sides. They have used and tested many lubricants in the past and they have found that nothing compares to the formula Motul has created.

EVP's powersport race engines are producing insane power with more than 650 HP/liter while being built with extremely tight tolerances. The Motul 300V Race Oil is the only product they have trusted to protect these 10,000 RPM revving monsters.

Motul's lubricants are formulated with technologically advanced additives to handle and exceed the most severe conditions required by engine manufacturers. They are fully synthetic four-stroke high-performance engine oil, developed for modern, high-performance sport and leisure UTVs. Benefits include high-temperature stability, reliable gear protection, excellent wet-clutch compatibility, and perfect wear protection even under extreme conditions.

There are options for race oil change kits for the Can-Am Maverick X3 and the Polaris RZR. The kit includes Motul's 300V, which uses Motul's proprietary Ester Core Technology to ensure maximum engine power output without compromising reliability and wear protection. 

EVP data shows 300V Race Oil produces more consistent and higher oil pressure while producing the most horsepower than any other oil they have tested. Their testing of a “turned down” race engine producing 500 HP/liter showed that not all oil is created equal.

Even if you don't plan on pushing your UTV to the extremes, EVP also has available for Can-Am and Polaris, Motul 10W-50 and 5W-40 Oil Change Kits by EVP are for DIY-ers who demand the best engine protection possible. Regardless of what you are doing with your vehicle EVP has an option and kit for you.

All the kits include the proper amount of fluid, oil filter, rag, and gloves making it a complete oil change kit. For more information on the oil change kits and finding the right one for your vehicle, check Evolution Powersports' website.