New Products Of The 2023 Sand Sports Super Show
There was plenty to see walking around this year's Sand Sports Super Show, but there were also plenty of new products.

This year’s Sand Sports Super Show was filled with products for almost every vehicle on the market. Everything could be found at the show, from the side-by-sides to the trucks that haul the toys to the dunes, but some exhibitors brought something new.

Sand Sports Super Show attendees look for the latest and greatest to put on their vehicle before the dune season starts. Showcasing a new product at the show gets the product in front of the direct people who will be using it. This year, a wide range of new products showcased show that the sand sports industry continues to grow and is listening to the community's desires.

New products at this year’s show include:

Be sure to stay safe when working on your vehicle, check out Pro Eagle's all-new jack stands.

Pro Eagle: When working on your vehicle, staying safe is essential. Pro Eagle released their new adjustable jack stands at the show. They have the ability to support lift ranges from 20 to 32 inches with seven adjustable height settings. The 20-inch wide base and innovative footpads make solid contact with the ground, providing extremely stable support.

In addition to the speakers in the cab, Rockford Fosgate has an option to add a rear cap with more speakers for listening to at camp.

Rockford Fosgate: Rockford Fosgate showed off its bumping Ranger Roof Audio System that is purpose-built for the outdoor environment. This all-in-one audio system redefines the ultimate outdoor audio experience, blending exceptional performance with seamless installation. This is an entirely modular system with a ton of add-ons available.

Looking to go wireless? Check out Cardo's all-new Packtalk Edgephones ORV.

Cardo: Cardo’s Packtalk Edgephones ORV aren't your ordinary headphones. These are ideal for off-road enthusiasts looking for a helmetless communication solution. The system delivers real-time, in-the-moment communication between drivers, passengers, and users in other vehicles, delivering a level of constant connectivity that takes the off-road experience to a higher level.

Seal Savers Quick Fill Saver is just one new product that can be seen at the show.

Seal Savers: Seal Savers showed off their new Quick Fill Saver. This product is used to protect dry breaks on fuel cans. Use these to protect the quick fill from dirt, sand, and dust getting into the spring and preventing it from working correctly. If sand or dirt bounds up the spring on your quick fill, it can lead to leaks and spills as you fuel your car, which can be extremely dangerous. It easily slides over the dry break and keeps it dust-free when refueling is finished.

Get hot when on a ride? PRP now has the ability to add cooling to their seats.

PRP: Heated seats have made rides warm when it is cool out, but until now, there was nothing for the opposite. PRP showed off new technology that will not only heat your seat but can cool your seat with the push of a button. This new system acts as a heat sync, but when the polarity is switched, it does the opposite. The system has three modes (low, medium and high) for both heat and cooling.

Raceline's A14 Alpha beadlock wheel is available in four, five, and six-lug.

Raceline: With a new vehicle hitting the side-by-side market it brought a new lug pattern with it. Raceline has taken its all-new A14 Alpha beadlock wheel and released it in a 17-inch size that is available in four, five, and six-lug with two finish options. In addition, they also had their A13 Omega wheel which has a classic yet aggressive mesh spoke design with an ultra-clean retro-inspired lip. This wheel comes with a set of contrasting Raceline logo colors for the cap and lip treatment.

AGM's Rapid Rope makes recoveries even easier.

AGM Products: Getting stuck off-road is never good, but it is even worse when unprepared. AGM showed off its Rapid Rope, which features built-in soft shackles on both ends of the rope. No more need to grab two straps or extra D-rings; the 30-foot Rapid Rope has everything you need all the time. It has a 17,000-pound break strength and a 5,000-pound pull strength.

The Sparco X-Range seats feature a unique water-repellant cover that is quick to dry.

Sparco: Off-road vehicles are meant to be outdoors, but being outdoors means it gets wet sometimes. The Sparco X-Range seats feature a unique water-repellant cover that is quick to dry. The cover is dust resistant; it does not hold dust like traditional cloth, making it much easier to clean. The new material is soft to the touch and cooler than vinyl in direct sunlight. The X-range seats have additional padding on top of the side bolsters for added comfort when entering and exiting the seat.

Gibson showed off their new exhaust for the Speed UTV.

Gibson: Speed UTV Exhaust will get you ready to push the limits of adventure further with Robby Gordon’s Speed UTV. The Gibson Dual Exhaust is designed to maximize performance and offer a unique dual exhaust look while producing good sound levels. With a Gibson non-packed muffler, you can guarantee a consistent level of sound and performance quality for the duration of your vehicle’s lifetime.

KC HiLites teased a new light bar coming out next month.

KC HiLites: While not officially out or launched, KC HiLites teased a new product that will be launching on October 10th. The Flex Era Light Bar will surely add another great product to the KC lights. For more information on the Flex Era Light Bar when it is released, be sure to head over to the KC HiLites website.

If you missed this year’s show, be sure to come out to next year’s show from September 20 to 22, 2024, at the OC Fair & Event Center.