Optima Releases Orangetop Lithium Battery
Optima Batteries released its all-new powersports Orangetop Lithium battery.

Optima Batteries announced at the 2022 SEMA Show its first-ever lithium-ion 12-volt battery, the Orangetop with Hypercore Lithium technology. With innovative features like Optima CPR to put an end to dead batteries and the patented Powerlink system that features proprietary battery control, status and charging, Optima Orangetop batteries provide a package unlike any other.

All Orangetop powersports batteries come equipped with the Powerlink system. Compatible with OPTIMA’s new Digital 200+ battery charger, the Powerlink system gives users patented control, status and charging of their Orangetop battery. Features include multicolor LED state-of-charge indication to convey battery and charging status. The Powerlink system is engineered to easily control Optima CPR in addition to a battery storage mode to maximize battery health and life in the off-season.

Optima CPR puts an end to dead batteries. This feature comes standard in all Orangetop batteries and automatically detects parasitic energy draws and internally disconnects the power supply while retaining enough power to start the vehicle. The advanced microprocessor-controlled battery management system (BMS) monitors and controls all functions automatically. The BMS provides a balanced cell state of charge for improved performance and extended life span.

The Orangetop lithium battery comes in six different sizes to fit 95-percent of the powersports market.

All Orangetop batteries feature an industry-leading IP67 dust and water intrusion rating meaning they are waterproof and dust-intrusion-proof on top of the brand’s exceptional vibration resistance. They are available in six sizes: QUAD7, QUAD12, QUAD14, QUAD16, QUAD20, and QUAD30, with cranking power ranging from 190-800 amps and capacities ranging from 3-15 ampere hours. The Orangetop battery line covers more than 95 percent of powersports applications and features quad terminals to maximize fitment and connection of aftermarket accessories.

These batteries employ lithium iron phosphate technology with Optima Hypercore technology to maximize performance in low temperatures. They feature benefits that come with other lithium batteries, like lighter weight and greater efficiency, but only Optima's Orangetop Hypercore Lithium powersports batteries are backed by Optima's legendary safety, durability and performance record.

For more information on the Optima Orangetop lithium battery or to find the size for your vehicle, be sure to visit Optima's website.