PRP’s All-New XCR Suspension Seat For UTVs

Get ready for longer, more comfortable rides in the dunes with PRP's latest UTV seat. The XCR Suspension Seat is the latest UTV Seat from PRP, featuring a removable seat cushion, a fifth-point harness slot, and all-new modern styling.

The all-new XCR Suspension Seats add more comfort and containment to your ride, with lower sides making it easier to get in and out. The removable seat cushion has a slot to utilize the fifth point on some harnesses while having dual-slot harness openings for easy seat removal.

Manufactured in America with dual-density foam and a vinyl-coated suspension liner, the XCR Suspension seat is available with adapter mounts for many UTV Models. The seat is available in standard, extra wide, and rear seat configurations.

For more information on the XCR Suspension Seat, be sure to visit PRP's website.