Rigid’s Amber PRO Lights Are Easy On The Eyes

Rigid has been redefining performance for the last 17 years, and the new Rigid Amber PRO edition symbolizes their ongoing commitment to the off-road community. The Amber PRO light is Rigid’s most anticipated lighting edition to date.

The Amber PRO Edition brings next-level performance and is a must-have output color for the serious off-road enthusiast when enhanced visibility is required. Rigid’s Amber PRO Edition surpasses the expectations of professional drivers when racing through some of the most technical terrains across the US and Mexico.

Rigid brought the Amber PRO Edition to about all their light series and styles, like the 360-Series, D-Series pods, and SR-Series light bars. Amber isn’t just a cool factor, and there is a lot of science behind the color.

Rigid's all-new Amber PRO edition lights are set to change the came.

The visible light spectrum is the small section observable to the human eye, which is the wavelengths of approximately 400 to 700 nanometers (violet to red). The human eye contains cells called cones, which act as receivers allowing us to see the wavelengths in this range. The eye can see red, green, and violet, whereas all other colors we perceive mix these colors. For instance, yellow contains both red and green.

Violet and blue light are on the end of the spectrum with the shortest wavelengths in the visible light range. This causes blue light to scatter more in the atmosphere and makes the sky appear blue. The light must travel further through the atmosphere when the sun is low in the sky at sunrise and sunset. We don’t see the blue light because it gets scattered away, while the longer wavelengths, closer to red, are not scattered as much.

A similar scatter of particles is what we see from white LEDs in the off-road market in adverse conditions. The blue light emitted from the LEDs hits the particles in the air and scatters, preventing you from seeing through. Removing the blue light reduces the scatter and is what allows your eyes to perceive further.

The Amber PRO edition lights are available in a wide range of series.

Rigid went with the change in lens color over LED because of the significant difference in peak intensity between LEDs and the lens. The drop in light output from the clear lens to the colored lens occurs when that white light is converted from blue to another color. There is a loss of energy that happens in that process. 

Even with that loss of energy, Rigid ended up with a higher output than what is possible with an amber LED. The Amber PRO Edition provides a more cohesive aesthetic among the OEM light colors.

The Rigid Amber PRO Edition is the ideal color to maintain optimal light output while still performing in adverse conditions. For more information on the all-new Rigid Amber PRO Edition, be sure to visit their website.