SSV Works Launches SWITCH Works Smart Switcher
SWITCH Works is SSV Works’ new sub-brand featuring the Alpha12 with 12 fully programmable weatherproof outputs.

SSV Works recently announced the launch of its new brand, SWITCH Works. With the launch comes its new Alpha12 weather-proof electronic smart switcher, a plug-and-play solution controlling 12 accessories from the fully programmable LCD touch buttons that can be customized for each individual vehicle or accessory. The patent-pending Alpha12 is now shipping with MSRPs of $1,149.99 (w/ 3-foot power cable) and $1,199.99 (with 10-foot power cable).

“SWITCH Works by SSV Works’ and its new Alpha12 electronic switcher is the first of its kind, featuring 12 fully programmable outputs, solid state electronics, and IP-rated weather-proofing to handle the rigors of truck, Jeep, marine, RV, and UTV/ATV applications, and more,” explained Trevor Kaplan, SSV Works CEO. “Command the Alpha12 outputs with its hyper-bright LCD touch button controller which allows for full customization of the button graphics and easy viewability in direct sunlight. Users can choose any of the 60+ pre-loaded digital icons or upload your own custom image and assign to any button…thus making the need for stickers unnecessary.”

Additionally, the controller’s compact size allows for multiple mounting options. The positive response LCD touch-button displays are programmable for any accessory or combination of accessories for on-road and off-road vehicle applications. Each Alpha12 unit comes with a Universal RAM Mount for multiple mounting options. Optional vehicle-specific mounting kits will be available soon for seamless in-vehicle integration.

“Alpha12 has 170amp total output, six high current and six low current outputs with live amperage readings,” Kaplan continued. “Each output is a configurable option that can be turned on with the ignition off, Ignition whereas the ignition must be on for the accessory to turn on, or Ignition memory…if you turned the vehicle off with the accessory on, the accessory will automatically turn on next time you turn on your vehicle.”

Alpha12 has 170amp total output, six high current and six low current outputs with live amperage readings.

If you need more than 170 total amps, SWITCH Works allows you to easily connect a second brain while keeping one single controller, keeping your dash clutter-free. Controlling from a secondary location is an option by adding a secondary controller to one brain. Output configuration is a breeze…it can be done directly from the Alpha12 controller, or via a computer app.

The weatherproof brain is made from cast aluminum for maximum heat dissipation to increase reliability and off-road durability. All wires utilize waterproof connectors for secure connections to further increase waterproofing and reliability.

“We are very excited to present the Alpha12 to the powersports and off-road enthusiast,” Kaplan concluded. “We are also excited to have more SWITCH Works products in development, and we are looking forward to presenting them to the industry in the months to come.”

For more information on SWITCH Works, please visit their website.