Tensor Tire Heads To The Dunes With Sand Series Tires
Tensor Tire's all-new Sand Series tires excel in the dunes.

Dune season is right around the corner, and Tensor Tire released a new set of tires to outfit your side-by-side. Tensor's all-new Sand Series 33-inch tires were developed by their engineers specifically for the modern high-performance UTV.

The Sand Series went through months of rigorous field testing and analysis, which resulted in an innovative, lightweight sand tire that provides top-tier performance at a competitive price point. There is plenty of tech put into these tires to increase performance.

The Sand Series tires feature Tensor's Velocity Grid which can be found on both the front and rear tires. The Velocity Grid technology provides added biting edges for superior handling, acceleration, and braking. Combined with the lightweight two-ply, it also reduces rotating mass for maximum power delivery.

The front Sand Series tire weighs just 24.4 pounds and is available in a 33x11R15 size. In addition to the revolutionary Velocity Grid design, the front Sand Series also features dual apex turning ribs. These provide exceptional steering response, ensuring steering inputs translate to predictable vehicle rotation. The 33-inch tall diameter provides additional ground clearance for further capability.

The rear Sand Series tire checks in at 33x13R15 and a light 29.9 pounds. An optimized mass and paddle design, 14 paddles at one-inch height, limits drivetrain stress and delivers max performance. Paired with the Sand Series front tire, this setup offers precision steering, stability, and ultimate acceleration.

For more information on Tensor Tire, be sure to visit their website.