Truth: Baja Designs Explains Clear Vs Amber Lights

The great light debate of amber versus clear lights gets discussed by the scientists of lighting, Baja Designs. Many things have been said, and everyone has a different opinion on which light is better while off-roading.

In their most recent YouTube video, Baja Designs dives into the science behind off-road light color offerings. They dive in to determine the best lighting option for an off-road application.

The application is the main consideration when designing the most optimal lighting package, Baja Design explains in the video. It ultimately comes down to ensuring the lights selected for a vehicle are right for the type of off-roading. Lights on a Jeep crawling in the rocks will need different lights than a UTV speeding across the desert.

The biggest take away from the great debate, is picking a light package for the intended use of the vehicle.

If the application is going to be doing high-speed open desert driving, clear and intense lights are your best option. If you are driving through inclement environments such as dust, snow, or fog, Baja Designs recommends running amber lights with dimming or high/low capability.

Baja Designs doesn’t believe that a perfect all-around light package runs solely off of just amber or clear but is a mix of both. Thankful due to Baja Design’s uService, lens are able to be swapped out and the perfect lighting package for your vehicle and be figured out.

To shop Baja Design lights in both clear and amber, be sure to check out their website.