Wilwood Introduces Big Brake Kits For UTVs
Wilwood is bringing direct fit big brake kits to the UTV market for all the popular vehicles.

Wilwood is excited to bring the first performance big brake kits to the UTV market. Ever since early side-by-side UTVs were prepped for racing, people have been adapting Wilwood brake components to them.

Wilwood took those years of experience and engineered ready-to-go, bolt-on performance brake kits for the most popular models. All of Wilwood's UTV upgrade kits feature forged aluminum four or six-piston calipers and dynamically-mounted high-friction rotors. These kits utilize the same engineering and manufacturing they use to produce performance car, truck, racing, and armored military vehicle brakes, scaled-down in size, to fit UTVs.

UTVs have evolved rapidly over the past 20 years, with more power, bigger wheels/tires, greater suspension travel, and the ability to carry the whole family and their gear. Many are now almost as fast and heavy as a street-legal 4x4 but still have the simple sliding caliper brakes and small diameter rotors more appropriate for the slow, practical utility vehicles they originally were.

Forged aluminum calipers have been purpose-designed specifically for the side-by-side market to provide increased clamping force with reduced deflection.

Wilwood kits feature oversize rotors with more rigid multi-piston calipers and aggressive fade-free pads. Step up to Wilwood race-grade kits for steel mounting hats, hard-anodized aluminum calipers, and even more aggressive pad compound.

Wilwood currently offers kits for many popular models of sport UTV from Polaris, Can-Am, and Honda, with more being engineered all the time. For more information on Wilwood's bug brake kits for UTVs, be sure to visit their website.