Fighter Jets, Mini Jet Boats Shred The Delta

Temperatures may be getting cooler and we have all transitioned from the water to the desert, but that doesn't mean that the Mini Boat crew doesn't want to get us all ready for the Summer weather. In the latest video, Delta Assault, the crew headed out to show once again what the boats can do.

Blake Wilkey got out early and was treated to a flight in a Patriot fighter jet. The crew took Wilkey on a flight over the Delta, looking upside down at the Delta they would attack in the Mini Boats.

Hitting the water shows how truly impressive the Mini Boats are. How nimble they are on the water is super impressive, along with how quickly they can spin around. On the water, Wilkey had found some abandoned buildings and decided to do some remodeling.

You have to check the video out for yourself, but if these Mini Boat videos don't make you want one, we don't know what will.