Get Behind The Wheel Of A Maverick R In Glamis
This Halloween is your chance to get behind the wheel of the all-new Can-Am Maverick R in Glamis.

Are you looking to see exactly what the all-new Can-Am Maverick R is about? Enough with reading reviews or checking out social media posts, and get behind the wheel and see for yourself.

There will be no spooky rides this Halloween as Can-Am is heading to Glamis from October 27th to 28th and giving complementary onsite test drives. Can-Am will only have fun and thrills with the ultimate badass ride during Glamis Halloween. For the very first time, you can go on a demo ride with the brand-new Can-Am Maverick R. Arrive early and save your spot.

The Can-Am Maverick R represents the pinnacle of off-road performance, combining power, agility, and innovation in an adrenaline-pumping package. With its sleek and aggressive design, this off-road beast commands attention on any terrain.

The Maverick R boasts cutting-edge technology, from its intuitive touchscreen display to sophisticated navigation systems, providing riders unmatched convenience and connectivity. Designed for off-road enthusiasts who crave adventure, this vehicle offers unmatched off-road capability, allowing riders to tackle mud, rocks, and sand easily.

For more information on the Can-Am test drive event, be sure to check out their website.