Ken Block Passes Away At 55
Ken Block passes away at 55 from injuries he suffered while on a snowmobile.

Every new year starts with what we all want the year to look like, but no one in the automotive community thought it would begin the way it did. News struck yesterday that Ken Block had passed away from injuries he suffered while on a snowmobile.

To say that Block was a big part of the automotive industry is an understatement. He was more than that, and as I was scrolling through social media last night, it was evident that he touched more people than he could ever know.

Post after post, story after story, social media was filled with people shocked that the person who showed us how far a vehicle’s limits could be pushed in his Gymkhana videos was gone. Block was not only known for his YouTube videos, but he was a decorated rally car driver and off-road driver.

Ken Block was an ambassador and collaborator with Can-Am.

Hoonigan confirmed the devastating news in a post stating, “It’s with our deepest regrets that we can confirm that Ken Block passed away in a snowmobile accident today. Ken was a visionary, a pioneer and an icon. And most importantly, a father and husband. He will be incredibly missed.”

Block was a five-time medalist in RallyCross at the X Games, had numerous wins in both the Global RallyCross Championship and Rally America, and even teamed up with Jax Redline to race the Baja 1000 in 2021. If it had an engine, Block was all about it.

This isn’t how anyone pictured 2023 would start, and there is definitely a missing piece in the automotive community. Block is survived by his wife, Lucy, and three children.