RideNow Powersports Chandler Achieves 2023 BRP National Dealer Of The Year For Can-Am
RideNow Powersports Chandler has clinched the coveted title of "BRP 2023 National Dealer of the Year" for the prestigious Can-Am brand.

Powersports enthusiasts and the RideNow community get ready for some exhilarating news. RideNow Powersports Chandler has achieved a significant accolade that is sure to ignite excitement as they recently announced the 2023 BRP National Dealer Of The Year For Can-Am. 

This recognition sets the Chandler branch apart and reaffirms RideNow's remarkable prowess in the powersports world. For those Can-Am enthusiasts among us, this achievement carries special significance and promises to elevate the riding experience to new heights.

This achievement goes beyond the ordinary, serving as a benchmark of excellence in the U.S. powersports landscape. By clinching this prestigious title, RideNow Chandler has not only secured a place on the list but has also taken the lead, surpassing expectations in various categories. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, exceptional service, and the unmatched experience we offer to every Can-Am enthusiast.

The impact of this achievement extends far beyond Chandler; it resonates across the United States, establishing a gold standard that other dealerships aspire to achieve. The recognition of RideNow Chandler as the 2023 BRP National Dealer of the Year for Can-Am signifies our dedication to the powersports community and our relentless pursuit of delivering excellence.

This achievement not only celebrates RideNow Powersports Chandler’s success but also highlights the remarkable bond they share with their valued customers and the powersports community at large. For more information be sure to visit RideNow Powersports’ website.