Shreddy Action Figures On The Loose

Just in time for the holidays, Coyne Powersports got the latest Shreddy action figures, but these aren't just your plain old sit-on-a-shelf action figures. These action figures are life-size versions of Shreddy athletes Demi Morgan, Antonio Chavez, Kole Voelker, and fan favorite Blake Wilkey.

Life-like and breathing, these Shred figures came to life and broke out of their box before showing exactly what they could do. Voelker and Wilkey headed to the dirt to hit jumps and berms while Morgan hit the water on her jet ski, and Chavez tore up the BMX park.

Each of the Shred figures in the video showed precisely why they are in the field they are. Regardless of whether it was in the water, concrete, or dirt, they all put on an enjoyable demonstration, all while getting you in the holiday spirit.

To follow each of the real-life shred figures, be sure to find each of them on social media. For the latest Shreddy gear, check out their website, or to find the right powersport for you, check out Coyne Powersports' website.