Urban Assault 3: Blake Wilkey Heads To Tijuana

Blake Wilkey is up to it again with the latest release in his action-packed video series Urban Assault. Wilkey heads down to the beautiful city of Tijuana right across the border from San Diego, in Urban Assault 3 with Jaws, the first-ever Trophy Truck Bug.

As many of you know, the last time Wilkey tried something like this in San Diego, he got caught in some legal troubles and ended up in jail. After working with Tijuana’s local government, police, and the Board of Tourism, the 18-month project came out, in our eyes, as the best video in the series.

“All 18 months of hard work paid off,” Wilkey said. “It was a new challenge filming the video in another country that took some serious navigation. It definitely wasn’t an easy task, but we kept our heads down to get it done.”

“We wanted to show the rawness of TJ and historical spots such as the Reloj Monumental de Tijuana in the heart of the city, the infamous Monumental Plaza de Toros seen off Highway 1 on the Pacific Coast heading south and ending at Playa de Tijuana. Aside from these amazing spots, the culture, colors, food, and people make Mexico a special place for us to enjoy time and time again.”

Jaws can be seen in the video flying in multiple scenes that show off the truck and the capabilities of a vehicle like this. Be sure to watch the video above and see for yourself how big Wilkey went in Urban Assault 3.