Volcon ePowersports Announces Collaboration With BFGoodrich
Volcon ePowersports announces collaboration with BFGoodrich Tires in off-road racing program.

Volcon announced a collaboration with BFGoodrich Tires for Volcon’s off-road racing program. Volcon and BFGoodrich will showcase their racing vehicle at the BFGoodrich-sponsored Mint 400 on March 8, 2023, and through the weekend. As a leader in electric Powersports, Volcon is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with electric vehicles. Off-road racing presents a unique opportunity to showcase the power and durability of EV technology in a challenging environment.

As part of the collaboration, Volcon has been working with BFGoodrich to integrate their ActivAir suspension technology in the Volcon race vehicle. The two teams will work together to leverage the power of the EV motor in tandem with BFGoodrich’s ActivAir, the Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) that makes real-time adjustments that aim to enhance the off-road performance and increase the battery range of Volcon’s future UTV products.

The validation of this technology through rigorous testing will see the eventual integration of the ActivAir system into Volcon’s Stag UTV - the first of its kind in North America for an electric utility vehicle. Volcon believes that by implementing the ActivAir system in their race vehicle, subsequent testing will be conducted under the harshest of conditions, ensuring future commercial versions will be robust, reliable, and purpose-built for the off-road enthusiast and weekend warrior alike.

Volcon has been working with BFGoodrich to integrate their ActivAir suspension technology in the Volcon race vehicle.

"We're thrilled to be taking on this exciting new challenge," said Jordan Davis, CEO of Volcon ePowersports. "Off-road racing is a demanding sport that requires not only speed and agility, but also toughness and durability. We believe that our electric vehicles are more than up to the task, and we can't wait to prove it on track. It also serves as the perfect test bench for our vehicles and partner technologies to be pushed in the most challenging environments, so we know we’ve done due diligence before customers take delivery.”

The announcement comes as one of the first initiatives of the Volcon Technology Innovation Group (VTIG). VTIG is a division of Volcon that explores advanced technologies to improve and evolve current, and future Volcon products, and will be the first UTV brand to co-develop directly with BFGoodrich on new EV tire and other technologies.

“As the market evolves towards electric vehicles, BFGoodrich is excited to work with companies that embody the adventure spirit,” says Harold Phillips, Global General Manager for BFGoodrich Tires. “Collaborating with Volcon will allow us to innovate in an exciting direction and help lead the industry into the future of off-roading.”

The Volcon and BFG collaboration have some great companies onbard.

The BFGoodrich ActivAir system technology allows for adjustment in tire pressure based on the environments the vehicle is driving in.

“One of the key benefits of the BFGoodrich ActivAir system is the ability to monitor the energy consumption of the battery in real time,” Volcon co-founder and CTO, Christian Okonsky commented. “Something like off-road racing creates the perfect grounds for testing BFGoodrich’s ActivAir system considering these situations have a constant scenario of driving at various speeds, in changing environments; especially when you pre-run a course and can anticipate terrain changes, like a lake bed, or elevation. With this dynamic technology able to be programmed to adjust based on upcoming terrain and conditions, imagine the enormous value drivers will have for conserving battery and range based on the amount of travel they want to do.”

Outside of showcasing the capabilities of its electric vehicles, Volcon is committed to promoting the use of sustainable energy in the world of powersports.

"We believe that electric vehicles have a future in powersports, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this movement. Not only that, but the environments where these races take place are delicate ones and any way we can minimize the unpleasant externalities of gas, we will," said Okonsky.

The Company has plans for additional race program announcements and to unveil the vehicle and commercial partners in mid-2023. The vehicle will be displayed during The Mint 400 Vehicle Parade on Wednesday, March 8, on the Las Vegas Strip, then at the Off-Road Festival on Thursday, March 9, at the BFGoodrich activation area on Fremont St. in Las Vegas. For more information on Volcon, be sure to visit their website.