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Demon Powersports started with a passion for off-roading that’s probably a lot like yours. Demon spawned from our parent company, PDI International, and came about as a result of our love for the outdoors. The team started developing products that would be applied to their own ATV, UTV and to allow for easier travelling in all conditions.

The idea was to help off-road enthusiasts with their desire to traverse through all terrains, which was the same need we had for better parts.

As the industry grew, so did Demon, it wasn’t just about our own, individual builds anymore, it was about improving parts of the machines that we needed to withstand the elements during a race.

You must have heard of us for our Strongest Axles To Date - Demon X-Treme Axles, Dual Plunge Designed Demon HD Axles, HD Ball Joints and Rugged Power Steering Kits.

We also offer our Demon Bracket Lift Kit, Demon Brake Pads, Rugged Performance Axles, Rugged Performance Ball Joints, Wheel Spacers, Prop Shafts and many more suspension parts and accessories.

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