Just In Case Rescue: Show Specials

Elite First Aid Kit - This is are entry level First Aid Kit, great for the house, car, truck or just about anywhere you need a First Aid Kit. This kit comes with our Rip-Away design and comes in several different colors.

Elite Pro Trauma Kit - This kit features all of the items our Elite kit has, but has the trauma bleed stopping components inside. This kit uses the same items you would find an EMT, Paramedic or LE First Responder using out in the field.

ERB - Emergency Rescue Backpack - This multi-casualty backpack come with all you would need to treat 3 to 4 people in an emergency situation. Even comes with a 500lb max Quiklitter to carry the patient out of harms way

Rapid Response Kit - A smaller kit with a variety of other select items to be used as an option to our Elite Kit. This kit can be placed anywhere and uses a M.O.L.L.E. style mounting system.

Hard Case Med Kit - Our HARD CASE is Waterproof, dustproof and indestructible. With this Case you'll have peace of mind all your First Aid items will be safe from the elements. This case comes in 7 different colors to match your style.