Legacy Racing Announces UTV Freedom Ride
Legacy Racing Association recently announced the UTV Freedom Ride.

From the beginning, Legacy Racing Association told everyone they would work diligently to find a replacement venue that they felt would be comparable to the Virginia City to Tonopah Gold Rush event. They left no stone unturned trying to pin down a suitable location.

Unfortunately, with the original date only a few months away, Legacy Racing had yet to secure a location. The decision came as they felt it is best not to host an event that was not 100 percent locked in and that is thrown together at the last minute.

While Legacy was trying to find a race venue, they worked on a backup plan and secured a venue to host a UTV Trail ride. The UTV trail ride, called the UTV Freedom Ride, will be a two-day, 325-mile fun ride held out of Caliente, Nevada, from September 9th to 10th. The trail ride will feature historical stops with local history shared along the way.

The trail ride will do approximately 160 miles daily with roughly three historical stops per day. Meals will be included when you sign up for the UTV Freedom Ride.

The UTV Freedom Ride will be a guided ride with expert staff helping along the way, a sweep crew to make sure everyone is accounted for, a support truck provided to carry extra fuel/spare parts, and a full medical staff on the ride and at various stops along the route. Legacy Racing wants to ensure that everyone knows this is a UTV-only ride.

A GPS will be required to participate, and the route will be provided for download. having a VHF radio is recommended to stay in communication with the group. The UTV Freedom Ride is an invitational ride with limited spots available.

For more information or to register for the ride, be sure to visit Legacy Racing Association's website.