Preventing Loose CV Bolts With Stage 8’s Locking Bolt Kit

Having a loose bolt on a vehicle is never a good thing, especially when you are out using it. Stage 8 has produced products to help prevent bolts from backing out or coming loose with products ranging from header bolts to oil pan bolts.

One area of a vehicle with a transaxle that gets overlooked sometimes is the CVs. Stage 8's Locking CV Joint Bolts are easy to use and provide assurance against loose nuts or bolts.

The unique patented and trademarked functional design is just three pieces: a bolt (4130 Alloy Steel), a locking retainer, and a spring clip or, depending on the application, a nut, a locking retainer, and a spring clip. The bolts are application specific as 12-point, USA or Metric.

Larry Shields of Shields Speed Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada has had experience with CV bolts backing out on his 1965 VW Bug which was built into a Class 5 Unlimited race car.

"We started running Stage 8 bolts on our race car headers years ago and then we had CV bolts backing out and that's when we turned to Stage 8 for them as well," Shields said. "We love Stage 8 and have run them for six years off-road racing on all of our cars in the Mint 400 as well as the SNORE and MORE race series."

All Stage 8 Locking CV Joint Bolt Kits are sold with all of the necessary hardware for your application. For more information on Stage 8's products, be sure to visit their website.