Mwhips And Pnda OffRoad LED Whip Giveaway
Mwhips and Pnda OffRoad have teamed up for a LED whip giveaway.

Looking to bring some light to night rides in the dunes or color to camp? Now is the time as Mwhips and Pnda OffRoad have a giveaway going on now for a chance to win some Mwhips LED whips.

Mwhips offers a wide range of whips in multiple colors, RGB color changing, and different lengths. Each of Mwhips products uses insanely bright LEDs and features a clean spiral design getting the right amount of LEDs per foot of whip.

To ensure Mwhips can withstand the abuse off-road, all the whips are waterproof, shockproof, and virtually indestructible. These LED whips are easy to install with a quick connect base. One bolt and two wires are all it takes to install these whips.

There are three simple steps to get entered into the giveaway:

  1. Follow both mwhips_usa and PndaOffRoad701 on Instagram
  2. Tag three friends in the comments
  3. Share the post in your feed or story

Be sure to get entered to win, as the winner will be announced at the Sand Sports Super Swap on May 20th in Costa Mesa, California. For more information on Mwhips and its products, be sure to check out their website.